Give your Primary School child a HEADSTART to the new semester 2019

The final year examinations are over, and the school holidays have just got over! Unsure of how to begin the next semester ? Why not give them a head start to the next semester with our newly introduced video-based learning platform that not only educates your children, but also engages them in a fun manner?


Put the screen time to a good use.

Use this opportunity to get the young ones to prepare for the next level while watching these engaging videos.

What does the new platform include?

Specially designed for students of Primary 3 to PSLE in English, Mathematics and Science, 88tuition follows a question-answer learning process which is best suited for building a strong understanding of the core concepts

Gain Control

88tuition allows the student complete control over the learning process . They can study anytime, anywhere and review the difficult sections multiple times until they are truly comfortable.

Ace the PSLE Race with 88tuition – Trusted PSLE Tuition Singapore

Their PSLE Mathematics tuition online is the best when it comes to maths.

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