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Flexible printed circuit boards from RUSH PCB UK are designed and fabricated to the highest quality standards. For more information about Flex PCB, contact us at sales@rushpcb.uk or call 0203 750 0201.

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Capabilities: Flexible Circuit Boards
Flex PCBs (Flexible Printed Circuit Boards) are printed circuit boards that are bendable, either bent once as they are being installed like those in a miniature camera, or bent multiple times (even continuously) like those in an inkjet printer.

Flex PCBs can be single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layered. They can have stiffeners to provide areas of non-flexing, or they can be part of a rigid-flexible assembly to allow a rigid PCB to be bent on assembly.

Flexible PCB Uses
Reducing both labor cost and assembly size, flexible PCBs are used increasingly in electronic assemblies. Some of the uses for flexible PCBs:

• Automobiles
• Cameras
• Cell Phones
• Military Electronics
• Avionics
• Computers
• Tablets

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