Figuring out if you are in an unhealthy relationship

t’s very easy to love someone without expecting anything in return. But the reality is that some people take advantage of that. And you can easily find yourself in an unhealthy relationship. Of course that’s hard to figure out at first. As time goes by there will be signs that you are indeed dealing with an unhealthy relationship and you have to tackle this the best way that you can.


This is a great example of what appears in an unhealthy relationship. Jealousy is unhealthy because it makes you upset that your partner is looking at other persons. Either that, or he accuses you of flirting and stuff like that. All these little things matter and it will be quite an amazing experience and opportunity. Being possessive leads to jealousy and an unhealthy relationship.


The unhealthy relationship will also show signs of manipulation. If your partner is manipulating you to do something, then most likely that’s not a good relationship. You want things to be mutual, not to end up manipulated to do various things. It might not feel that much at first but it does become a problem.


There are also partners that will try to sabotage you to achieve what they want. This means running your reputation or success so they can build up their own. That’s a major issue and something that you really need to try and handle on your own. Once you do that, nothing is impossible and you need to achieve that in the long run.


Belittling means that the partner will try to make you feel bad in various ways. Again, this is a problem because you need to love each other. Showing signs of hate and just making your partner feel bad is not love. It just shows that there’s an unhealthy relationship and you have to tackle it the right way.


An unhealthy relationship can have signs of betrayal as well. If you love your partner you will try to talk with him about all kinds of stuff. Obviously it’s a problem when the partner will start spilling the beans to others. You need someone you can trust, not people that will spill the beans on anything.

Deflecting any sign of responsibility

It’s important for your partner to show that he is responsible. If that’s not possible and he/she just deflects any signs of responsibility to you, that can be an issue. You want them to deal with their own mistakes and own up to them.

These are some of the main signs of an unhealthy relationship. These unhealthy relationships are more and more common nowadays unfortunately. But you need to recognize the signs and step away from all of this. Once you do that you will have a much better chance of finding the right person for you. Don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship, try to step out of it as fast as possible. You have only one life, make it fun and interesting, not bad and boring!

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