Fashion Guide On Casual Shirts For Men

Having a good collection of clothes in your wardrobe is useless if you don’t know the correct way to wear it. Every man has a variety of casual shirts in their wardrobe which are frequently used by them every day. What makes you the most unique among them is your sense of styling. Casual shirts are worn at almost every place. Either it is the office, or you are going for home grocery, they are everywhere.

Guide On Casual Shirts

Following is a guide on how to wear casual shirts in the best way possible. Also, remember that each place has its own distinct way of styling.

1. Watch

If you are heading to any formal meeting, office or meeting somebody special, don’t forget to wear a watch. However, different watches suit for different meeting such as:

  • For office and formal meetings, you can wear both chain and belt watch
  • If you are not wearing a suit, try wearing a belt watch only. This includes sporting as well.

However, do not wear excessively loose watches, as it gives a very cheap look and can ultimately destroy your decency. Wearing a watch at the gym is not really recommended as it requires a lot of wrist movement during exercise. Wearing one at the gym can disturb you.

2. Bottoms

Select your bottoms wisely. All casual shirts for men require different types of bottom.

  • Dress shirts with dress pants or Chino.
  • Polo shirts can be worn with a variety of bottoms depending upon where are you heading to.
  • Henley on jeans pants looks perfect.

Here are many other types of casual shirts as well. Listed above were some very common of them. You need to have a good look at the type you are wearing with bottoms that makes a good combo with it.

3. Tie

Tie goes only with a few casual shirts for men such as dress pants. But if you are wearing any other casual shirt under suit then you can wear a tie upon it. This dressing perfectly fits in for the office, formal meetings, etc. But like any other thing overdoing it can cause a bad impression as well.

4. Shoes

Listed below is a guide, which will tell you about what shoes should be worn with what casual shirt.

  • Loffers with dress shirts, formal polo shirts.
  • Joggers with Henley shirt, polo shirt.
  • Sneakers for wearing at college, or any other schooling institute.
  • Slippers for picnics.

However, the best way to observe a thing is to wear it and see it in the mirror if it suits you or not. If you are wearing any other casual shirt than the above ones, try the methodology given above.

5. Upper

Uppers are not only to be worn in winters. Some men wear it for reflecting their professionalism and others to look trendy. If you an office person than it is compulsory for you to wear a suit. Try wearing formal light and dark colors of casual shirts rather than bright ones. Moreover, if it is winter and you can wear a jacket, sweater with a variety of colors very easily.

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