Facebook Ads: 5 Essential Tricks That Boost Sales

Are you currently utilizing Facebook adverts?

They’re an excellent way for online store owners to have their products in front of bigger viewers. Above all, they get your products in front of the proper viewers.

For e-commerce owners, Facebook gives you a great way to target a very specific customer and drive them back to your website.

Utilizing certain tricks and tips, you are able to squash even more value out of them. You can get much more clicks, more targeted customers, and more sales.

Utilize a multi-product carousel

Facebook now enables you to select a multi-product carousel adds. There are tons of factors why this specific advert type improves click-through-rate and reduces your costs.

Utilize a video advert

Facebook’s algorithm actively prioritizes video content. Using a video, your add is much more likely to find its way onto people’s feed. Not only that, but it’s more engaging as a format. Statistics show that more than half of everyday Facebook users view videos on the platform each day.

Use Facebook ‘offers’

Everybody loves a sale, and the customers are more likely to click once you offer a discount. If you’ve acquired a sale on the products, you can produce an add specifically for the sale or offer.

Strengthen your brand identity alternatively

This is also a great way to advertise without selling anything. These ads give attention to strengthening their brand identity instead of directly selling.

Facebook ads work best when they’re visual, inspiring, and viral. In the long-run, it will create their customer base, and strengthen brand loyalty using this form of advertising.

Create a unique call-to-action

This is one of Facebook’s finest new features. Instead of using the easy box format, Facebook now allows you to create a personal call-to-action. It’s still hugely underused by brands and eCommerce sellers. Yet, it will drastically improve your click-through-rate.

When setting up your ad, head to the ‘text and links’ area. It will allow you to choose from a few drops down options, such as ‘shop now’, ‘learn more’, ‘sign up’ etc. You can also enter your customized call-to-action. This will actively push your customers to click, and boost your potential sales.

You can get a lot more sales in both the short term or long term by using these tricks. We are a Facebook ads agency and always here to answer any questions about Facebook advertising.

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