Everything About the solo traveler Tanya khanijow

As of late, one night I was surfing Youtube to get the quality substance and abruptly I fell into an astonishing channel called Tanya Khanijow. I would enthusiastically prescribe you to proceed to look at her channel. She is an astonishing man!! I will say Beauty with Dare. God!! She ventures to the far corners of the planet alone. She eats out in the cafés alone, she drives to the goal alone alongside her camera.

I totally love the substance. Alright, so you may be thinking out of nowhere from where this came out. I guaranteed you all in my Bio area that separated from some specialized and survey stuff, I will attempt to move and inspire you. Along these lines, here I am with the Story of Tanya Khanijow, who rouses the damnation out of me and genuinely I can feel the butterfly in my stomach in the wake of seeing every one of her Videos.

Little Background, Tanya Khanijow is the independent voyager, she claims a youtube channel with 499k supporters, her youtube channel is 2 years of age..” Follow along for some epic undertakings and travel stories that will make you travel vicariously and depart you needing more from life! Expectation you appreciate the recordings.” This is the announcement composed by her. Truly, when you see her recordings, you will begin to want something more from life. Ofcourse, cash is critical to travel, however she is bringing in cash while voyaging, so it is anything but an awful arrangement. She is accomplishing something which she adores about.

Along these lines, folks on the off chance that you need to or searching for a motivation to begin something like this on your own then she is the one, whom you can follow and can even beginning your channel. Today, in this article we will talk about a couple of recordings of her and obviously a few learnings she really get from the Places so that in future when you travel some place it will support You. I will pick the indian urban communities and goals, and will glue the connection of the recordings too. Generously buy in to the channel and make her famous.

Despite the fact that, I love every single video of her yet I pick one of them one is Arunachal pradesh video.

Youtube is such an enhancing stage, that each once some time I run over spirits that hit a harmony with me. Naturally, it occurred with Tanya Khanijow that is making me type an answer on Quora after a serious long time.

Tanya Khanijow is an Indian female Youtuber and a full time traveler. She for the most part trips solo and continues hiking excursions to different spots.

She completed her electrical science certificate from Delhi. Post that she worked for 1.5 years with a promoting firm. She used to take scarcely any excursions every so often while working yet then she chose to seek after full time traveling. She has referenced in her recordings how she monetarily arranged her move before leaving her place of employment. Indeed, even took many outsourcing exercises. I would refresh this answer with connections to these recordings truly soon.

Among the ones I have viewed, the Africa video blog where she archives the Himba clan is a certain top choice.

You should watch her for her unadulterated validness, straightforwardness and energy of her persona and delightful, beautiful video blogs. She is to be sure truly outstanding in the nation.


Thus, this arrangement finishes here, however her excursion doesn’t end here. Truly she headed out to a decent number of states and places. Her excursion is so stunning, it feels like you travel with her. Man, she did everything on her. She took you to the stunning Places alongside her.

I would strongly suggest viewing the Nagaland Series, you will get a thought how to travel, where to remain and how to oblige the excursion to such delightful places isolated, how to make new companions and yes how to make every second count. Expectation you like this spread, the entire reason for this video is to rouse and move you to acknowledge the exceptional thoughts and to gain from Others. We as a whole love you Tanya Khanijow.

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