English Cricketers are Open to Help

As cricket struggles to come to terms with the challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Eoin Morgan has insisted that England’s players are ‘open to helping in whatever way possible’.

As the captain of the limited-overs team, Morgan expressed that he is ‘open to absolutely everything’ that might be required to help the game through the crisis. Tom Harrison, ECB’s chief executive, has warned that it could cost up to £300 million if the entire season is abandoned.

Morgan believes that help could include a temporary pay cut. Harrison has already sent an email to the PCA to request for a voluntary cut while it has not been forthcoming as yet. It was also revealed that the ECB is no longer seeking for such a scenario. However, Morgan suggested that conversations are on-going.

Morgan declared that he’s ‘extremely willing to help’ where he knows that it will make a difference. 

‘So in the extremely uncertain times where no-one seems to have any answers on the actual impact it will have on international cricket or county cricket, I’m open to absolutely everything,’ he went on to explain.

However, the most difficult thing right now is working out the best way for players to help out. They still don’t have the answers on how things will play out in the future—whether if it’s by social media, engaging on other streams or just by sitting back and letting it pass. All they want is hopefully play in the future.

Morgan hopes that when things become clearer in the coming weeks, they can start putting in a strategy to implement. He sees that it will take a while before they can get back on the field and before enthusiasts can watch cricket live again. 

‘The PCA will continue to be in regular communication with the ECB’ along with England’s centrally contracted players through the Team England Player Partnerships. The discussions will revolve around every aspect of the game, most importantly how the players can best support the game, their employers and the country—in the short, medium and long terms’.

It has been confirmed by the ECB that they have taken measures to reduce staff wages, with all employees taking a temporary pay cut for at least two months. The umpires and Cricket Liaison Officers (CLO) employed by the ECB are expected to be among those who have been furloughed. Around 30 employed umpires and CLOs had their wager topped up by the ECB to ensure that they will receive their reduced salaries 100%.

On the other hand, Jos Buttler took things into his own hands. The shirt he wore in the World Cup final, which he offered to sell, has attracted bids in excess of £65,000 from the time of writing. However, there are still 6 more days before the auction is closed. 

Jos Buttler intends to donate the money he earns from the sale of his shirt to the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity. Eoin Morgan had been full of praises for Buttler’s generosity.

‘It’s an incredibly kind gesture,’ said Morgan about Buttler. Personally, Morgan does not understand how something can just sit in someone’s drawer like a trophy when it can have an impact on many lives.

He also added that people have seen others donate during tragedies. He cited Shane Warne as an example, who sold his Baggy Green cap for a million dollars ‘or something absolutely ridiculous’ like the numbers from cricket odds.

He finds it hard to believe that other people can come out and say that they would never do it. He cited Justin Langer who expressed that he can’t see a situation where he would do something of that sort.

He finds that, ultimately, at crisis such as what the world is experiencing, things of the sort have absolutely no relevance to what is going on in the outside world. He believes that Buttler’s shirt will go for a lot of money. He finds that the gesture, which can help purchase new equipment, is absolutely outstanding.

Morgan is determined to play for the T20 World Cup even if it is delayed. He had considered retirement after England’s win in the 2019 50-over World Cup. He also had previously committed himself until the end of the next T20 World Cup which is scheduled to begin in October in Australia. But, he’s looking to play for the next T20 World Cups with the tournament scheduled to be played in India in October and November 2021.

You would certainly want to watch cricket live again once everything comes back to normal. The cricket odds will certainly shoot through the roof once the season picks up where it was left off. 




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