Element Home: About Us

What is your element? What is special about you?

These are the questions we, at ELEMENT-Home, have been asking our customers since our creation in 2003.

Colorado native company, known for our spectacular and luxurious furniture experience, has been working towards helping people make their house finally feel like home for several years.

Combining expertise, knowledge, and transparency, we aim to satisfy the yearnings of people craving information, service, and more than a basic buying experience.

Our process includes a discovery step during which we ask you all the right questions: What style do you prefer? What feelings and emotions do you want the space to express? What purpose will the furniture fill? What expectations do you have?

To best serve you and your needs, we make it a priority to learn more about you, your story, and the dreams you have for your house. For our high-end home furnishing boutique, it is all about providing you with exclusive and unique products that are indeed one of a kind.

With a team of passionate and trustworthy artists and designers, we are a one-stop-shop whose foundation is built on communication, connection, and excitement.

Luxury, Urban, Edgy, Exciting, and Eclectic are all words that fully define the type of products you can expect from us.

With ELEMENT-Home, you’ll always be sure to get what you pay for, as for us, there is no such thing as corner-cutting.

Whether you are looking to refurnish or furnish your vacation home, we take pride in our passion and take great care of all our clients and their products. .

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