Easy steps to fix Kindle not connecting to Wifi issue

If you are also worried about the Kindle not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue, then you are suggested to follow this blog for the solution. So, the steps for fixing the Kindle issues are given below. You are required to properly go through it but before that; you need to assure them things as follows;

• You need to first check that other devices are getting connected to the network. If not, then there is some connectivity issue. So, you are required to consult the internet service provider.
• After that, you are suggested to see if your device is in airplane mode or on. If yes, then you are required to select the off option.
• Now, after doing so, you are required to see that you are using the correct password of the Wi-Fi.
• Finally, you have to see that your device has been updated to the latest version.

Now, if all are set, then you are required to follow the steps given below;

• You are suggested to, first of all, restart your Wi-Fi connection properly.
• For that, you need to move to the screen and then select the wireless option.
• After that, you are suggested to select the Wi-Fi option.
• Finally, you have to first choose the off and then on option.
• After doing so, you need to start the device again carefully. For restarting, you are required to hold the power button for at least 40 to 50 seconds.
• If it isn’t able to start automatically, then you are supposed to press the power button again.
• Then, you have to move your device much closer to the router for the strong network.
• After doing so, you are required to use the channel 1-11.
• Next, you are supposed to finally restart the modem and router.

If still, something is bothering you related to kindle then do reach Kindle Repair for help and solution.

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