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Directed Acyclic Graph makes use of a topological ordering. It implies that each new transaction link is connected to other. the target of developing DAG is to resolve issues that will arise whereas data processing, data planning, and data compression. can facilitate in launching DAG and enterprise-grade product. we’ve an enormous expertise in developing Platforms like desktop, mobile, cloud micro-services etc.


In addition, DAG permits users to secure information by referencing data units from previous transactions, thereby increasing the scalability of transactions. The accord algorithm establishes total order within the DAG by choosing the ‘main chain’ that gravitates towards honored users, aka witnesses.




No Double spending


The validation of a transaction is determined by the transactions behind it. DAG’s transaction  order is enlarged through multiple transactions, without an indication of work (PoW). Any attempts of double spending are going to be defeated instantly by the system.


Network dimension


The DAG network link the present later transactions to the new transactions. The DAG algorithm can management the dimension of the tangled network. once the transactions are valid, it’ll be joined to new transactions on the DAG network.


Faster Transactions


The blockless nature of the DAG makes the transactions run directly into the network, that makes the entire method quicker than pow & PoS. The network dimension is kept among sure limits to keep  transaction validation quicker.




The advent of DAG has enabled a platform, wherever there’s a clear stage of high functioning with a minimal transaction fee. Users will send and receive small and nano-payments without problems associated with measurability and transactional speed.

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