Diabetic Health Insurance

Despite being called the diabetes capital of the world, Indian health insurance companies seem entirely unwilling to offer health plans for diabetes patients. The reasoning behind this is clear – the likelihood of the patient outliving the policy is high. This means that the company may incur losses by creating a specialized diabetic health plan.

And considering the ever-rising incidence of the disease, this apprehension towards creating a separate diabetes health insurance is understandable. But, as one of the most deadly diseases, patients still deserve treatment.

So, why is there a need for a diabetes plan?
  • Diabetes, also known as the “silent killer” is deadly and almost always ends in hospitalization. Treatment costs are incredibly high and take a huge financial toll on the patient and their family. A comprehensive insurance plan curbs this burden by covering some of these costs.
  • A lot of health-care policies may cover the costs of hospitalization during the policy term. But diabetes, being a chronic illness, returns and could cause complications in policy renewal attempts if the policy considers it a pre-existing illness and does not cover it. Having a separate policy that understands diabetes’ chronic nature helps in this regard.
  • Depending on the type of diabetes, the hospitalization and treatments differ. A more exhaustive diabetes insurance plan would cover these intricacies. It would ensure that everything that needs coverage gets it by understanding the needs of the patient better.

Although there are few diabetes-specific plans to choose from, our expert team at Cover360 is still here to find you the best possible plan that meets all your requirements!

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