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Are You Still Seeing Your Former Spouse?

Saying goodbye can be hard. The same goes with divorce. Many couples split up after several years or even decades together. It can be difficult for both parties to move on with their lives. One of the harsh realities is the bond between a husband and wife does not just end as soon as divorce papers are filed. A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Emy

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Does Your Spouse Have Hidden Assets?

If you have made the difficult decision to file for divorce in Utah, it is vital to know all of the assets acquired during your marriage. If you have any suspicion your spouse is hiding any assets, it is important to contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney with a track record helping clients through the discovery process.

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Why Second Marriages Have Greater Success in Utah


It’s one of the most confusing statistics concerning divorce. According to figures provided by the U.S. Census, Utah has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation. Yet, the state’s men and women are among the least likely to get divorce. How does this happen?

Ask any Salt Lake City divorce lawyer on why marriages fail and they have heard ju

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Divorce Lawyer Salt Lake City


Divorce presents many challenges and obstacles. Some of the most difficult involve the upbringing of your children. Child custody, visitation and child time sharing are some of the most complex and sensitive family law issues.

A Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help

For nearly two decades, divorce attorney Salt Lake City Emy A. Cordano has h

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Some Mistakes You Don't Do After Divorce

After the hurting process of splitting through divorce you have to move on in your life. This is an opportunity for you to go in new way and also get better in your life. Many men and women struggle with life in Salt Lake City today after divorce. Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has represented countless men and women in a variety ca

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Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney


Most people view divorce as a stressful, costly and time-consuming process, and rightly so. Most divorces are too costly , reason too much emotional damage to both parties involved.

Salt Lake City divorce attorney Emy A. Cordano has represented countless men and women in a variety cases involving family law. To learn more, contact her law office

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Divorce Attorney Salt Lake City


Every divorce is different. Some divorces can be helpful and peaceful, and some can be powerfully adverse. We will consider your goals and the situation surrounding your divorce. We will listen to you. We will let you help us determine your goals and your path through the divorce process.Regardless of how we resolve your divorce matter, some divo

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