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Online Image Annotation Tool

Cogito has gained the expertize in image annotation with pixel perfect labeling in each projects. It is doing the image annotation in different formats like Semantic Segmentation, Cuboids, Polygons, 2D & 3D Bounding Boxes, Points and Lines using the best tools to give a quality results for companies operating in different industries. Cogito has d

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What are the Best Image Annotation Tools?

At this stage you can choose to outsource image annotation service to professionals who will give you a fully customize service of object recognition with best tools backed with manual checking by humans to do the annotation more accurate and useful for the customers. Cogito is one the leading image annotation service provider with the perfection i

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How do image annotation outsourcing?

Image annotation helps to make images readable for computer vision. And outsourcing the image annotation services becomes beneficial in many terms. Actually, there are many image annotation companies offering the high-quality image annotation service for machine learning or AI-based other applications working with annotated images.


Outsourcing i

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