Classic WOW novice guide: part1

Classic WOW novice guide: part1





Treating the classic dungeon of World of Warcraft is a terrible job. He needs players to maintain a high degree of concentration and awareness but also needs a wealth of quick thinking skills to solve problems quickly. You never know how much damage an ally will get, when it will be hurt, or if an enemy sneak attacks on your team, you don’t even know who it will hit. But if you have the courage to heal the injured players or allies, then dozens of DPS characters will struggle for this coveted opportunity, and you will have no difficulty.




If you are willing to learn, we will guide you to the World of Warcraft classic treatment role for your use, and how to master their skills, the first study is a matter of attention. If you are tired of the upgrade, you can use the WOW Classic Boosting service, which can help you quickly upgrade the level in a short period of time, and will not have any impact on your account.



Pastor Therapist’s Guide



In the World of Warcraft classic, the priest is a more specific treatment profession, he is a comprehensive healer, he can not only get a lot of treatment, but also get a lot of shields and gains. But the priest can only use cloth, so if a mob escapes the control of the tank, the mob will be more hurt. And they must fight with other casters to get the dropped gear. Literally, efforts to reduce spells to cope with changing needs and mana protection sound difficult, but the slow introduction of this approach does not stop newcomers.



When treating your first dungeon, you should get two abilities at the same time: Shield and Power Word. You will want to keep Fortitude up on the tank, especially for extra HP.



Power Word: The shield gives a certain amount of damage immunity and counteracts spell counterattacks. If a mob is stripped from a larger group, try to avoid this. This way, you can keep the tank full.

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