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CGDI BMW read DME N55 ISN Code on Bench

posted by cgdi on Jul 09, 2018 under Car Key Programmer

How to: read BMW DME N55 ISN code with CGDI Prog BMW on bench. 


Connect CGDI with DME N55 follow wiring diagram (CGDI will show you connection diagram)


Select BMW ISN function 


Read ISN

cgdi-bmw-read-n55-isn-3 cgdi-bmw-read-n55-isn-4

CGDI BMW read DME N55 ISN success.


CGDI Prog is able to read ISN code for following BMW series:

BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 series read ISN code 


Newer version V2.2.2 adds:

BMW ISN:(1)Added F series to read DME ISN type:MEVD172Y MEVD1724 MEVD1725 N63TU_R0 N63TU_L0 S63TU_R0 S63TU_L0(2)Added E series to read DME ISN type:ME17N45(N45 Tricore) MEV17N46(N46 Tricore) MED17_2 MED17_2N(N14 Tricore) MEV17_2 MEV17_2N(N12 Tricore) MV1722(N16 Tricore) MVD1722(N18 Tricore) MEVD174K(N20, Tricore) MEVD176K(N55 Tricore) MVD1727(N18 Mini Tricore) MEVD17KW(Tricore) MSV70 MEV9N46L ME9N62 MEV9N46 N62_TUE N62_TUE2 MS450DS0 ME9N62_2 ME9N45 ME9E65_6 N73_L0 N73_R0 D7xN47xx D7xN57xx D60PSA0 MSS60 DDE604 DDE626 DDE603 DDE509 DDE606 DDE608 D50M57A0 DDE506 D50M57C0 D50M57E0



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