Catalog – Madi Home, Wikkel House, Affordable Prefabricated Houses

A-FOLD house use traditional building methods and standard materials to build. Get catalog for Madi home, wikkel house and affordable prefabricated houses.   

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We are the pioneers of foldable and secluded pre-assembled houses.

A-Fold continually builds up its item because of its specialized office with more than twenty years of experience and its advanced creation plant.

We are the main ones who research, create, assembling and sell their items.


A-FOLD houses is a worldwide enlisted brand name of a pre-assembled secluded framework.

The A-FOLD houses are planned and made in Italy and our group has utilized its information on pre-assembled development to make sense of a restrictive measured collapsing framework that can be utilized for a wide scope of purposes.

From private structures to debacle alleviation the adaptability of our framework gives unlimited prospects. Our test is to vexed the guidelines in the pre-assembled development segment getting moderate costs through wise and naturally agreeable tasks, creative designing and genuine effective creation measures.


Today is an extraordinary day for us. We have been decided to expand on top of the line resort in the Mizhrichynskyi Regional Landscpe, an entirely important zone overall known because of the its uncommon plants and one of a kind creature animal groups. The task comprise of 12 model A to be conveyed beginning from May 2020. We are glad to participate in such an economical task intended to serve an eco-accommodating thought of the travel industry..

Atmosphere KIC AWARD

A-FOLD Norway has been granted the Climate-KIC Greenhouse Accelerator Scholarship, which is offered distinctly to the most creative and manageable organizations in Norway.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) contended for the honor with madihome carrying development to the land market.

Based on the astounding PowerPier, the madihome’s ignore the sea through the Characteristic glass exterior, and in this manner offer a property adjusted for future.

The PowerPier idea is where all future development will have a positive impression in the public arena. On account of sunlight based board rooftops, wave vitality assimilation, wind turbines, and hydrogen vitality stockpiling framework, the development PowerPier will deliver and store as much vitality as a little force plant, just by engrossing the capability of its environmental factors.


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welcome within all markets.

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