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Being an Amazon seller, it is a tough job to find and research a deal on the entire Amazon. Once you find the deal, the analysis part is the toughest and the most time-consuming part.

You need to analyze the product from a third-party website or Amazon. Later on, you need to research a lot on Amazon. online arbitrage

In some cases, or we can say in half of the cases, it is the Amazon who makes the huge money. There are Amazon fees and various other things that you need to keep in mind.

Further, you also need to check whether you can sell that particular product on Amazon or not.

You surely might be hiring a team for doing all of this stuff but now more. We just found an amazing amazon arbitrage tool that will do all the things for you. Let’s get into a detailed review of it.


Overview of the Amazon Arbitrage tool

The ultimate Amazon arbitrage tool is BuyBotPro. BuyBotPoro is the one amazing tool that can do every single thing for you.

It analyses various factors and rates all the deals out of 100. Further, it can handle the complete Amazon research for you.

You surely might be wondering how can one tool help you in every single thing, right? So, let’s


Let’s directly jump into the features and what this amazing tool can do.

Analyze any product

The first feature is about manual sourcing. It is only available in a few countries. With this, you can scan and analyze any product from any retail website. The tool will search for the product on Amazon and give you the details.

The tool will analyze the deal and will give you a complete description of whether or not you should buy the product.

Further, it will also tell you how many quantities you should buy.


Amazon calculator

The first feature of the tool is the calculator. No, it is not a regular calculator that will calculate the sale price for you.

Instead, when you enter the buy price and the selling price, it will give you the details of all the things including

  • Calculation of VAT
  • Profit margin
  • Total cost
  • BSR%
  • BSR#
  • ROI
  • Profit margin

In simpler words, it will calculate all the Amazon fees and tax giving you the final price of the product.


Sales Analyzer

It will further check the sales history of the product you select. It is surely a tough job to see whether the product was the best seller at any time or not. You can surely check the current position by scrolling down but what about the history? That’s where you can use this tool to get the details in just one click. Moreover, it will also check the keepa charts and let you know for what price the products sells. As the tool can read and understand the keepa chart, you can also know how fast the product sells.


You can check your competition

It takes a lot of time to know how many sellers are selling that particular product. You need to check the FBA sellers, MF sellers, and a lot more. It will consume a lot of your time. The tool can automatically check the number of sellers who are selling the product. Hence, you can pretty much decide whether you should sell that product or not.

Competition analysis is an important thing that you need to do when you selling on Amazon. Along with this, it is one of the most time-consuming parts, you need to see many things in details while doing it. The tool makes everything easy for you.


Product eligibility check

There are thousands of restrictions when it comes to Amazon. You need to see if the product is hazmat, private label, or there are any other restrictions.

Sometimes, you might just skip one thing and that one mistake will cause you a huge loss. So, the tool comes in with a product eligibility checker. You can quickly check whether you can sell that product on Amazon or not.


Other features

  • One-click buy-sheet export. You can also integrate it with Google sheets
  • Custom criteria selection from the fast seller, mid-range, or high profit
  • Max buy count checker
  • And, many others



After looking at all features, you surely might be wondering about the price of the tool.

The tool is priced is insanely at an affordable price. There are basically two plans from which you can choose from.

The first plan will cost you $29.95 if you pay annually and will cost you $34.95 if you pay monthly. The second plan is $10 more than the first one.

The only difference between both the plan is the safeguard. The first plan does not offer any safeguard while the second one has a suspension safeguard.

Basically, it will prevent you from getting suspended from Amazon. They have a step by step plan and ready-made templates that you can use to deal with the suspension. (in case you get suspended).

It has no question asked money-back guarantee of 14 days which is pretty great. Further, you can cancel the membership anytime, there is no contract.




Talking about the integration of this Amazon Arbitrage tool, as of now, the BuyBotPro tool works on following Amazon websites


If you are looking for browsing integration, you can download the extension for chrome.


Final words on BuyBotPro review

To conclude, this was all about the online Amazon Arbitrage tool which is BuyBotPro.

To summarize, it works in 3 simple step

  • Enter the buying price and selling price in the BuyBotPro extension
  • Click on Analyze
  • See the score and all the other information about that product/deal

You can export it in Google sheets if you want. So, in this BuyBotPro review, we can say it is a pretty great tool you can use if you are into the Amazon Arbitrage business. The best part is that they are constantly updating the tool. So, you will get a lot of new features.

So, you can Sign up for BuyBotPro.

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