Blizzard confirms the update plan

Blizzard confirms the update plan




So far, World of Warcraft shadowlands has been the eighth expansion plan released by Blizzard. From the half-hour trial of Blizzard Carnival this year, the classic version of World of Warcraft seems to be the natural evolution of the modern version of World of Warcraft. In the near future, for the foreseeable future, he will coexist with the modern version of World of Warcraft, which is completely different from the experience, for a long time, and the two complement each other. That is to say, the biggest change is not in the part of the manual trial with us. But don’t worry, this doesn’t stop me from describing it in detail. For some users who lack WOW Classic Gold, they can now purchase a lot of gold on the zzwow website, fast delivery, and refuse to deceive!




Blizzard has revealed that they plan to release the content and features of the second phase of the Warcraft Classic this week starting November 11.

The news was first confirmed at the 2019 Blizzard Conference and a short announcement was made at the “Shadowlands” conference.

Part of the second phase has been launched, such as the terrible Moorish Dungeon will open on October 15.

Other content was postponed and Blizzard decided to postpone the release of Azuregos and Kazzak monsters. According to the description of the game director, the development team encountered unique difficulties in the development of game characters, and forced a lot of heavy work, resulting in the team can not complete the game development on time. In response to the postponement of the partial update plan, enthusiastic fans felt very sorry about this but expressed their understanding. They are willing to choose to wait for a while to exchange for a better gaming experience.



But this week, we will see the release of the second part of the World of Warcraft classics, and add more features that fans strongly demand. At the same time, Blizzard also reminded that the second phase of World of Warcraft Classic will be released this week. In other words, this will mean that players will not get multiple updates at the same time. Visit to subscribe to more information.



The development date has been opened on 11.11 and will provide players with more free character mobile services. Some areas will impose restrictions, while others will still allow breakthroughs to limit for a while. However, Blizzard warned that the features that these players strongly requested to join will be cancelled occasionally in subsequent versions, because they have seriously affected the game experience.

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