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Xtool X100 PAD2 Battery Drain and Power off problem

posted by automotiveworkshop on Apr 05, 2019 under Auto Key Programming

Recently,some OBD360 customers feedback  that they have purchased the Xtool x100 pad2 tablet key programmer on our site. But they met a battery problem. For example, One customer left it fully charged and 1 day later, when he tried to use it and it was dead.Also he noticed that the battery drains very quickly while in use, from 100% to 70% in about 15mins. They dont know how to solve this problem, and ask us for help. After feedback problem to Xtool factory, we have got final Solution from Xtooltech engineer to solve this X100 PAD2 Battery Drain and Power off problem: Tools required: 1pc* Static bracelet 1pc* Hot air gun  (350±10℃ Temperature setup: 350±10℃) Precautions: Please wear the static bracelet before each operation. Procedure 1:  Change C6 capacitor Position: C6 Name: Chip capacitor Chip specification: 4.7UF/10V  0603 1.Disassemble the C6 capacitor and desolder a 4.7K 0603 resistor



Procedure 2: Remove transistor Position: Q14


Name: S8050 Chip specification:  0.1uF/50V 0402 1.Disassemble the Q14 transistor. Procedure 3: Change C123 capacitor Position: C123 Name: Chip capacitors Chip specification:  0.1uF/50V 0402 1.Replace the C123 capacitor with a 3.3K%5  0402 resistor.


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