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How to Use Yanhua Mini ACDP Read/Write Jaguar/Land Rover?

posted by automotiveworkshop on Jan 21, 2019 under Auto Key Programming
tags: Yanhua ACDP

In this article i want to show you how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to read and write EEPROM for Jaguar & Land Rover?And for more about Yanhua Mini ACDP you can search here: Procedure: In the left rear of the car, open the plaque, see the fuse box, remove the fuse box and see the RAF smart computer raf-smart-computer-01 Connect Yanhua ACDP to OBP+ ICP adapter, then to BDM adapter, then to KVM adapter. Wait the indicator turn red then green. Click on “LandRover” option. Click on ” KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin)”. Click on “IMMO”. Come to the main menu: MC9S12XEQ384_0M12S MC9S12XEQ384_1M12S MC9S12XEQ384_2M25J MC9S12XEQ384_3M25J Choose ” MC9S12XEQ384_3M25J” Click on ” Add key auto mode” Starting application. Device connection succeed. Note: Please prepare the OBP+ICP adapter, BDM adapter, KVM module, BAV adapter and Blank key. Done. PS: just use the same way to program new key when all keys lost.  Article from:

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