AppDupe’s Groupon clone app is your best bet

We all love deals and discounts, don’t we? And that’s why you should launch a business in this field, and a Groupon clone app is everything that you would need. With an app like Groupon that has features like

  • Social media login
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Wishlist
  • New arrivals
  • Multiple payments
  • Multiple languages
  • Add to cart
  • Check status
  • Search by location
  • Comparison of deals and much more you can launch your own white-labeled app in just three days.

With multiple payment methods and seamless workflow, you can get a loyal customer base quickly. Connect subscribers with local and global merchants with a robust platform and administer your business with an engaging admin panel and dashboard.

AppDupe is a renowned and only mobile app development company to offer a cost-effective and turnkey solution. Check out the free demo they provide on the website.

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