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Alexa is a famous could-put together voice administration accessible with respect to more than 100 million gadgets. Till as of late, the administration was restricted to Amazon and Android gadgets. In any case, Alexa is currently accessible for Windows 10 PCs and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.


Amazon Alexa App is an entryway connect for a simple and basic life. Simply utilize the voice order and complete everything bother free. In the first place, Download Alexa application for Windows , complete the arrangement, and you are totally done.

Update to the most recent Alexa App form as it will fix your a large portion of the issues. On the off chance that the issues despite everything exist, just uninstall the application and afterward reinstall it once more. In case you’re searching for an all-inclusive Echo understanding, the Show worked in presentations can show you the time, climate, make video calls and exploit abilities like the Ring Doorbell. You can answer the entryway and check your cameras utilizing the Echo Show and the Echo Spot.


What you will require

  • Reliable Internet association.
  • Windows Device with OS 7 or above with the most recent rendition of the internet browser.
  • Your Amazon account.


Step by step instructions to Setup the Alexa application on Windows

  1. Go to in your program.
  2. If you’re not as of now signed in, hit sign in.
  3. Plug in and turn on your Echo.
  4. Wait for the Echo’s ring light to turn orange. The Echo ought to show up in the Alexa web application, as it’s was naturally connected to your Amazon account when you requested.
  5. Hold down the activity button on the Echo for 5 seconds.
  6. In the web application, click on settings.
  7. Select set up new gadget.
  8. Choose the kind of Echo you have.
  9. Select your Wi-Fi arrange in the web application.
  10. Click associate


Download Alexa App and attempt these things:

  • “Alexa, tell me my plan for the day “?
  • “Alexa, read the news”.
  • “Alexa, turn off the lights”.
  • “Alexa, book a taxi”.
  • “Alexa, play the music”.


Amazon Alexa can assist you with completing numerous things on Windows with simply your voice input. It can give you the climate information, assist you with making a shopping list, play music and even control your shrewd home. You can likewise utilize your own wake word for Alexa, yet your Windows gadget ought to be perfect with sans hands get to. To check the equivalent, explore to Alexa settings. If not, you can tap on the Alexa symbol at the base of the application and afterward state an order or question.



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Alexa is likewise equipped for controlling other good speakers and brilliant gadgets. She follows a more extensive scope of orders and can respond to more inquiries. There isn’t any genuine explanation not to introduce Alexa on Windows, particularly being free.

Microsoft is clearly matching up with Amazon and executing the Alexa for Windows download which is as it should be. Why not exploit it and utilize this incredible programming?


Consider the accompanying focuses to DownloadAlexa for Windows and improve your life.

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