Achilles Helmet

One of the most popular characters in all of the writings is Achilles, he was the hero in the epic poem Iliad by an author named Homer. Although Achilles wasn’t actually created by Homes, rather he was already a known character or a named warrior who was famous for his dedication that outgrew him. Achilles was a character in the Troy movie in the adaptation of the tale of Homer. The Achilles Helmet is constructed with great Bronze Plated steel material with 300 spartans an overall height of about 15 inches including the hair crest. This helmet comes with a width of about 7’’ and the depth of the amazing hair crest is about 15 inches. This product comes with an ease of comfort in wearing and managing the helmet, though it is completely wearable. Furthermore, this Achilles Helmet comes along a lacquered stand for display purposes. This helmet is a great add on to your collection if you are a huge fan of tragic heroes and ancient mythology.

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