A step-by-step guide to build an on-demand appointment app for patients and doctors

Many of us have different memories associated with the hospital. For doctors, nurses, and other staff, it’s just their workplace.

However, for the patients, it’s not that comforting. We all remember the times when we waited in the long queues. I am sure most of us still remember that distinct “hospital” odour. And to make matters worse the gloomy sight of all the hopeless patients is more than enough to induce anxiety and panic amongst us all.

But thanks to the on-demand doctor appointment app, we can put an end to all those discomforts.

In recent years, the healthcare apps have massively grown. According to Markets and Markets, the global healthcare IT market will reach a whopping $280 billion by the year 2021 with an impressive annual growth rate of 16%.

Even more interesting stat is that the share of the mobile sector was around $26 billion dollar in 2017 with a 17% annual growth.


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Written by Nomanshaikh
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