A Gift card that empowers employees with choice and flexibility

Gift cards offer wide-ranging advantages over other traditional gifting options when it comes to employee recognition or festive gifting on special occasions. It helps empower the recipients with the freedom to choose a gift of their choice. Flexibility and motivation together form a foundation for the success of an organization’s incentive program. 

Employee Recognition through a few complimentary words or a congratulatory mail is an excellent way for managers to acknowledge the workforce’s contribution. Apart from this, 

Companies now realize that a simple act of providing an employee with a Gift Card is a great motivational technique. It helps promote employee engagement and improve the general atmosphere at workplaces. 

As festival season is around the corner, HR professionals and employers across corporates are devising innovative ways to gift their employees, clients and dealers. Sodexo Premium Pass is an ideal option for all sizes of budgets and offers more options for employees besides being simple to administer and operate. The flexible corporate gifting solution is a valuable means to strengthen the employer-employee relationship as it gives employees the freedom to choose whatever they like making online gift cards a preferred option. There is flexibility and ease for employers also to choose between physical and virtual cards as per their specific needs and gift any amount, anytime, anywhere in India.  

Premium Pass by Sodexo is an attractive option for corporate gifting as it provides a variety of choices to choose from multiple categories such as travel, electronics, fashion and food. 90,000+ online portals and e-commerce websites accept the next level gifting solution. It also comes with assistive touch feature for easy and quick checkouts online. The next-gen app makes it easy to manage all benefits that help in delivering an excellent employee experience. It empowers the workforce to choose whatever they like to buy, place an order and track deliveries with a tremendous user-friendly system. 

The tangible gift purchased with a gift card will remind the employee of their organisations and efforts they did to achieve the reward. They might not remember the cash reward but will remember the tangible item they purchased for their significant role in the organization. A simple gesture of giving gifts makes them feel more appreciated and drive engagement, efficiency and productivity. Sodexo India Gift card can be customized with a personalized message which serves as a great source of encouragement for employees. Moreover, it is not just a program but a solution and a journey towards employee happiness and company’s business goals. 

A rewards and recognition program is a great way to recognize employees’ efforts and motivate them to go the extra mile. So this festive season, choose the Sodexo Premium Pass and give your employees the freedom to choose from an array of offers across multiple categories like food, fashion, beauty, travel, electronics and many more specially curated festive deals.


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