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Zippos or permanent matches?

posted by Sancely63 on Feb 22, 2018
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The EVERSTRYKE Pro keep the fuel a LONG time, due to the rubber gasket and ability to keep it tight by screwing in the match. However, I've found that if you let them run too long, say, more than 10 - 20 seconds, the cotton in the match chars down to the point that it becomes very, very difficult to re-light. Not enough cotton to catch a spark, I guess. Like anything else, I guess, if you take care of them they work pretty well.

Zippos have done the same thing to me driving over 11,000 ft mountain passes in Colorado. This "openness" to atmospheric pressure, I have heard, is also what makes them such a safe lighter. The pressure is released, very slim chance of explosion or anything like that. Thanks for your remarks about the Zippo altitude issue. I live in Colorado now, too, and I have to admit it never occurred to me to think about that. (I grew up on the coast in Texas, where the elevation is about 4 feet, and I never think about heighth above sea level). Thanks to everyone else for their comments, too. I think I'll get a permanent match to try out and will probably end up rotating both the perm match and the Zippo in my EDC.


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