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Creating a summer break visitation schedule

Summer can be an amazing time children will treasure in their memories. Create your visitation schedule & Make it special! With help of Westlake Village visitation attorney, you will be able to plan out everything taking into consideration state.

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Westlake Village Divorce Attorney

Having the right divorce attorney on your side can often make the difference between maintaining or losing the rights to your assets, property and the custody of your children.

Westlake Village divorce attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi is a certified family law professional, equipped with the experience and legal understanding to deliver results that

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Former Spice Girl Melanie Bís complicated divorce

Your divorce is not as complicated as Mel’s but things can get rough along the way, especially for couples who don’t agree on important terms such as child custody, child support, child visitation, and alimony. You should seek the legal advice of a Westlake Village divorce.

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