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Dapps on Tron Blockchain Network

Pulsehyip has been working on the Tron blockchain based dApps Development since its launch. The Tron Blockchain is an ambitious project that objective to decentralize the web through Blockchain Technology. TRX(Troinix) is the official token of Tron Blockchain. 

These are the steps to developing DApp on Tron Blockchain:

  • Creating Smart Contract
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Best Blockchain Platform on 2019

Blockchain technology gets placed on the on-demand sector, everyone had used to start the work with blockchain technology so their needs and responsibilities have grown to the next level. In the beginning level blockchain utilization placed only on Financial industries but on day by day the benefits of blockchain gets spread and utilized by all ind

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How to Overcome the Challenges of Recruitment Process

Let we discuss, What are the difficulties that recruitment industries are facing and also Pulsehyip serves the solution for those blockades.


Challenges of present Recruitment system

The major flaw is based on the human element, with the third party recruitment consultant are the only value that to identify that how many applicants can be placed

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Benefits of Blockchain in Identity Management

Blockchain in identity management is the most important topic for present industry fields to secure your identity. Build a trusted digital identity network with Pulsehyip by transforming your data into top secure server with blockchain

In this blog, we going to share the point of view of identity management’s hurdles and benefits. Let's look int

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Facts of Revolution in Blockchain Technology in Financing Industry

Recent trends technology gets more advanced than our thoughts of innovation. On the list of upcoming technologies, the blockchain is one of the most promising latest technologies for the future! In that Financing Industry leads the top range of services


Blockchain - It is the distributed ledger, shared the digital record, open technology, trans

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Bitcoin Investment with Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer is the most preferable business on the digital currency trading when it comes in a secure manner it is also the double boost for the users.

Now Let we discuss what is P2P exchange transaction;

Peer-To-Peer (Virtual Currency) The exchange or sharing of information, data, or assets between parties without the involvement of a central

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Does Blockchain Supports Travel and Tourism Industry?

Do you all have a conviction on this? Let make clear about it, Blockchain technology is the universal pattern for all industries. We can mold blockchain techniques into any form of development. On the whole, it is for the hi-tech security system it is irresistible for hackers.


Think about yourself, you are going to the airport and directly boar

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