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What's Switch modchip and which is the best site to buy it?

posted by NXFlash on May 11, 2019

It's known that Nintendo Switch has been hacked, there are some famous modchip on the market, so what are they? What's the best switch mod chip for players? Xecuter SX Pro? Where to buy the legit falshcard? Following us, we will give you the deeepth solution on the below.

What's Switch Modchip ?

A modchip (short for modification chip) is a small electronic device used to alter or disable artificial restrictions of computers or entertainment devices. Modchips are mainly used in video game consoles, but also in some DVD or Blu-ray players. They introduce various modifications to its host system's function, including the circumvention of region coding, digital rights management, and copy protection checks for the purpose of using media intended for other markets, copied media, or unlicensed third-party (homebrew) software.

The Nintendo Switch has been hacked again. And it’s been done in such a fashion that Nintendo may not be able to patch it out with an update. Hacker Team Xecuter released new switch modchips, SX Pro, SX Gear and SX OS, for hacking Nintendo Switch. Suffice to say, without a new Nintendo Switch hardware revision, Nintendo cannot stop this from happening. What this means is, there are at least 14 million Nintendo Switches that can be modified. Once th...

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