Why You Need Apple Homepod Marketing

Apple Homepod Marketing

on Nov 05, 2018

It is possible that you do not know why you should embrace Apple Homepod Marketing for your brand. Also, you may wonder whether people will be interested in this virtual assistant by Apple due to its costly price of $350. This price is higher than the cost of the major competitors such as Amazon Echo and Google home. Apart from this device doing what other smart speakers do like playing music, sharing jokes, setting a timer, and others, there are more reasons most people will likely go for it.

It Is Small and Quite Portable

There is no doubt the three competing giant smart speakers are all portable, Apple Homepod is quite smaller in physical compared to the image online. The Apple home pod measures 6.8 inches tall and weigh about 5.5 pounds. This is unlike Google Home Max, which weighs 12 pounds with 13.2 inches wide. So, the home pod can easily fade into your already existing home décor without taking up much space. This is expected to be the reason more people will go for it making Apple Homepod Marketing a good potential for brands.

It Produced Good Big Sound Idea for Marketing

The Apple Homepod produces good big sound due to its special features. Some of these features include

  • High-excursion woofer
  • 6-microphone array
  • 7-tweeter array

With these features, Homepod is required to deliver astounding sound and rich bass. It is also built to use bespoke-engineered technology. 

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