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Elder Abuse Attorneys Los Angeles - JML Law

by JML-Law - Oct 30, 2017 - elderabuseattorney

Elder abuse can cause irreparable damages and losses, but pursuing financial compensation through a civil lawsuit can help you and your family cope with loss and recover to the fullest extent possible. Your choice to take legal action can also help save others from suffering from elder abuse in the future. If you or a loved one has been or is cur

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Executive Director of Assisted Living Facility Arrested


Gary Potts was the executive director of Meadow Lake Senior Living Facility until his arrest. There was a criminal investigation launched back in 2015. The investigation included Gary Potts who was a former administrator as well as Christopher Skiff who was the owner of the facility at the time. The reason behind the allegations is caused becaus

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Elder Abuse and Attorney in California


Many peoples are abused by the elders in the USA. At first everything seems to be going well but then you start to sense a change in behavior and physical well-being. our loved one has reached a point where you can no longer take care of them yourself and needs assistance.


If you are in the same situation contact A California elder abuse atto

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