Quick Steps Towards Success In Runescape 2007

Quick Steps Towards Success In Runescape 2007

MapleStory: Drop Rate Changed And Even the Unfunded

on May 10, 2018
tags: MS Mesos

Or it is just so tricky for you to accept the drop rate?Unfunded players saying getting nodestones is hopeless is sincerelly bullshit, I must MS Mesos range in like 3 or 4 weeks without even spending a single dollar on the match and I was able to get maximum lv of nodestones in my abilities without even having one piece of drop gear,I only used a spider and 2x events, and with all the maple points some events provided us for free I purchased every now and then a 2x fall voucher, yes it took me just 3 months to max out them but hey its not hopeless,and others have stated its fair to say that ppl who spend actual money on the sport should have an advantage over people that doesnt spend any cash at all this is a simple fact it wouldnt be fair otherwise.They need to not nerf the drop rate whatsoever in my view, cheapest Maplestory Mesos is perfect as it is now and its not hopeless for unfunded gamers to acquire end game equipment or nodestones, you just have to know about the sport and work for this and when ure lazy then invest real cash and block ur stuff for fall.From the changes, drop rate was made to only partially apply to certain drops such as nodes, symbols and event drops. Basically all you'd ever really use it for, besides bosses. It's dreadful for people who actually bothered to get fall gear. People should be rewarded to be prepared for content, instead of being punished by senseless nerfs like this.

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