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CGDI MB Do All Keys Lost Programming for Benz W166

by Chasen - Jun 12, 2018 - CGDI MB

Mercedes Benz W166 all keys lost and program new keys, CGDI MB Pro is good choice, here share user manual with pictures.  CG Pro 9S12 Guide: Select Lock(EIS) cgdi-mb-w166-all-keys-lost-01 Click on “Read EIS data” then “Computer password” cgdi-mb-w166-all-keys-lost-02 Click on “Copy key without key” then “Collect Data”.CG100 Programmer cgdi-mb-w166-all-keys-lost-03 Prepare to collect data, please wait… cgdi-mb-w166-all-keys-lost-04 Please insert the simulati

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CGDI MB to Program Key for Benz

by Chasen - May 25, 2018 - CGDI MB

Attach some pictures on how to use CGDI Benz Prog on Benz step by step incl. lock (EIS), read/write key, generate EE, computer password, etc. for more about CGDI,visit our official website: CGDI Shop Here we go. CGDI Prog on Benz: lock (EIS) CGDI Prog on Benz: read/write key CGDI Prog on Benz: generate EE CGDI Prog on Benz: computer passwor

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CGDI MB Key Programmer Software v2.0.0.0 Update on 2017.11

by Chasen - Dec 21, 2017 - CGDI MB CGDI

CGDI Benz Monster updated software V2.0.0.0 on 11th Nov 2017:

add content: Calculate the erase password function (including the engine computer, ISM computer, EGS computer, ELV) Calculate the key to enable the password function (you can directly use the disable key) Erase the lock function (support CAN protocol, K-line protocol) 4. write lock

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CGDI Prog MB Benz Key Programmer Customer Feedback

by Chasen - Nov 13, 2017 - CGDI CGDI MB CGDI BMW

 Thanks to (DK Veteran), who bought one CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Benz key Programmer and update the feedback with youtube videos. Here we go in the tone of him:13th October, 2017:I order this tool. Waiting of dhl express tracking number! Will test read EZS and calculate Keys to test server, Mercedes W220 2003 Facelift and Mercedes W212 2009. 23

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