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OBDSTAR H108 to Calibrate Citroen Cluster via OBD

posted by Chasen on Jun 01, 2018 under Auto Key Programmer
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Used OBDSTAR H108 to do Citroen cluster calibration via OBD perfectly and easily, what I need to do is do what the screen display tells me to do.  OBDSTAR X300M Mileage Programmer Plug OBDSTAR H108 to the Citroen BSI. OBDSTAR obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-01 Select"Cluster Calibrate". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-02 Citroen obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-03 obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-03 obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-05 Select "BSI". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-06 Auto select obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-07 If auto select failed, select "manual select". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-08 Select "JC BSIO4EV-KOX". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-09 Switch ignition on obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-10 Select "Read EEPROM". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-11 obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-12 obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-13 Please enter a filename to save, press the "ENT" button. obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-14 Operation success obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-15 Press the "ENT". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-16 Read Flash... obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-17 Press the "ENT" button. obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-17 Read Flash success. obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-19 Press "ENT". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-20 Press "ENT". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-21 Press "ENT". obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-22 Input a new value. obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-23 obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-24 Success. obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-25 obdstar-h108-citroen-cluster-calibration-26 Done. Perfectly, I am very happy with this OBDSTAR H108, it doesn't let me down. I highly recommend it.

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