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Lonsdor K518 Program Key for Audi Q3 2013

posted by Chasen on Dec 12, 2017 under Auto Key Programmer
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This article share the guide on how to use Lonsdor K518 Key programmr to program key for Audi Q3 2013.And the article includes in 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and  Reference. Attention 1. During all the system operation, the dashboard will be in the extinguished state, that is normal; 2. Delete key process: Step 1. Read immodata; Step 2. Select an existing key; Step 3. Write back immodata. Lonsdor K518 Reference Chip model: Dedicated 48 chip Remote type: 220G 315 frequency Key embryo no.: No.31 PIN code requirement: Backup EPROM data Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated OBD position: Under the steering wheel:

The car model

The key

Odometer adjustment

1. This process can read and calibrate the odometer mileage; 2. if the car is a smart key, please turn off the ignition and then turn on the ignition, and then click OK, otherwise click OK; 3. Read the current mileage; 4. Going through security certification and loading external code, getting data, it takes about 2 minutes; 5. Please enter the new mileage needed to be calibrated ; 6. During writing... write complete. Lonsdor K518  Article from Lonsdor K518 Blog site: Lonsdor K518 Program Key for Audi Q3 2013

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