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How to clear the Auto engine carbon deposition

posted by Chasen on Jun 09, 2017 under Car Diagnostic Tool
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First, the risk of carbon deposition OBD2 run or suddenly turn off;Carprog  (3) the top of the piston carbon deposition will form a lot of hot surface cause premature combustion and deflagration  shorten the engine life;X431 TOOL  (4) Cylinder head with carbon deposition  will reduce the engine cooling effect the engine's power and economy are greatly reduced;5054A  (5) spark plug too much carbon  in the fuel after the wet  equivalent to the spark plug between the electrode shunt resistance caused by spark plug leakage can not work;Autel DS808  the cylinder;PS100  (8) valve and its seat on the working surface of the accumulation of carbon will cause the valve closed lax and leakage _ engine difficult to start, work weakness and easy to burn the valve and other undesirable phenomena.automobile repair guide gum.Auto key programThe insoluble gel, also known as the sediment _ it joins the fuel tank colloids under the catalysis of high temperature and oxygen. Adhesive to the surface of the part. The role of high temperature and further MASTER MST-500 concentrated asphaltene and oil Third, how to remove gum and carbon deposition Benz IR Key Program 

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