7 interesting facts which can improve cardboard boxes quality

For the past one and a half-century, cardboard boxes are playing a vital role in the success of all kinds of businesses and brands. Almost every industry is using these boxes for different purposes, particularly for retailing, storage, and shipping of products. Cardboard is one of the sturdiest natural packaging materials. It does not have any hazardous impact on environmental health, unlike other materials used in the packaging industry. In other words, this packaging solution has been revolutionizing the packaging industry. Here are 7 interesting facts about these packages that can help you realize what people think about them. These facts can help you learn how you can improve the quality of these boxes to make your products stand out.

Less Germy Materials

One of the interesting facts about cardboard packaging is that it is made of less germy materials. To make cardboard, the paper layers are bonded and shaped at a temperature of above 200°F. And, most of the pathogens could not survive at such a high temperature. This aspect makes cardboard one of the safest materials for food and medical packaging. You can minimize the germination of pathogens by keeping your materials in a germ-free environment. This will enhance their effectiveness furthermore.

Provide Fancy Look

According to a recent study, about 69% of customers think that paper and cardboard packaging makes products fancier and looking lavish in comparison to other kinds of packaging solutions. It means giving a custom box an attractive style and design, along with an exceptional kind of printing, can help you grab the attention of a maximum number of customers. It will also give your products a lavish look and will change customers’ views about them. It has been witnessed that customers always assess the packaged items from their quality of packaging. So, by utilizing the attributes of cardboard, you can enhance the quality of your packaging solutions. It will help you to make your products look more attractive and lavish.

Influence Purchasing Decisions

Another fact about cardboard packaging that can make you love it is its acceptance and ability to influence buying decisions. Every 7 out of 10 people think that they purchase things due to their packaging designs and materials, and about 67% of them always choose products packaged in cardboard made solutions. This is an opportunity for you to grab and to make your products stand out. By increasing the esthetic and printing quality of your packaging boxes, you can enhance the profitability of your business. To stay ahead of your competitors, this is essential to make your boxes unbeatable in every aspect with the help of custom box printing. This is important to take advantage of customers’ love for packaging solutions from paperboard materials.

A Trusted tool for shipping

Over the years, cardboard packaging has become one of the trusted and reliable solutions for shipping. The lightweight, sturdiness, and cost-effectiveness are the features of these packages that make brands and retailers loving them when it comes to shipping their luxury and delicate products. About 67% of brands and businesses prefer these boxes for shipping their products to long distances due to their protective capabilities. In other words, they are playing the role of a back boon in the success of e-commerce brands particularly. So, being one of the rational box manufacturers, you can take advantage of these boxes to stand out from the rest in the market. You just have to improve their protective capabilities by augmenting add-ons and better laminations that can make them more effective for shipping.

Maximum Recyclability

Another important fact about cardboard boxes that can also encourage you to improve the quality is their maximum ability to get recycled and reused. Almost 70 to 80% of boxes made from paper and cardboard are recycled, which is a much greater percentage than any other packaging materials in this regard. Another thing that also makes them leading the industry is their reusability, and that is what makes customers loving products packaged in such kinds of boxes. That is why; about 63% of American customers love to buy products in these boxes as they can reuse them in a number of ways following their needs.

Adaptable packaging Solution

Unlike most of the packaging materials, boxes made out of cardboard are adaptable and can be customized in any shape and design. In addition, they are easy to print, as well. This is what playing a key role in making them the most favored packaging solution for all kinds of brands, from foods to jewelry and heavy mechanical and electrical manufacturers. Their customizability allows packaging manufacturers to increase their functionality and provide more comfort to their client brands and businesses when it comes to helping them stand out from the competition with unique and exceptional sorts of solutions in the form of these packages.

Come Affordable

Another surprising fact regarding these boxes is their affordability and cheapness. Despite their wide-ranging benefits for business promotions and growth, they come cheap. The major reason behind it is the recyclability of the cardboard materials as it is known that almost 70% to 80% of these boxes are recycled, which means that manufacturers do not have to consume more raw materials that need more effort and expenses of processing.

These 7 amazing facts about cardboard boxes can help you improve the packaging quality and to make the most out of them. These elements can help you understand why people around the world love these boxes more than any of the other packaging solutions that are available in the market.

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