6al4v titanium alloy bar

Alkaline washing of 6al4v titanium alloy bar is easy to catch fire, especially the alkali washing of titanium thin plates is easier to catch fire. The chemical activity of AMS 4928 Titanium Alloy Bar in lye, when alkaline washing in lye containing an oxidant, the overall lye temperature is too high or the local temperature is too high are the reasons for the burning of titanium. Studies have shown that due to the potential difference between titanium and steel tools in the lye, there is a galvanic effect. When titanium is in contact with steel, a galvanic current is formed, and the smaller the contact point, the greater the current, and the contact is too large The current density causes local overheating so that the forging titanium round bar often starts to burn from the contact point of the two metals.
In order to prevent and reduce the fire during alkaline washing of Grade 12 Titanium Bar, the following measures can be taken:
1. Select qualified alkaline washing liquid ingredients;
2. Strictly control the temperature of the lye;
3. Use a high-temperature resistant coating or a high temperature resistant insulating gasket to insulate the alkaline washing frame. If the stainless steel alkaline washing frame is used, ceramic strips or ceramic sheets can be placed to separate the titanium material from the steel frame, so as to avoid fire.
In the alkaline washing process of Grade 23 Titanium Bar, the lye is constantly taken away or evaporated by the workpiece, so it is necessary to supplement the lye and make timely adjustments to keep the lye composition relatively stable. During alkaline washing, insoluble scale slag precipitates on the bottom of the tank, which affects the good thermal conductivity of the tank body, and the gap caused by the precipitation makes the steel tank prone to electrochemical corrosion, greatly shortening its service life. Therefore, the sediment must be cleaned up in time. It is a common method to use a movable bottom to collect the slag. When the sediment needs to be eliminated, only the bottom of the movable trough needs to be lifted away.

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