5 Myths About HRIS Software Busted!

Small and medium-sized enterprises are growing rapidly in India but the rate of HRIS adoption has not kept pace with it. Although the majority of Indian companies are embracing automated systems, a good number of employers are still stuck with outdated practices. This is certainly due to several misconceptions surrounding human resource information systems. 

While technology is helping us to simplify the most complicated operations including payroll and performance management, we are just overlooking it for some false beliefs. Now, isn’t that unfair? 

In this blog, we are going to dispel the top five misconceptions about HRIS systems and tell you the actual truth. 

It Causes Loss Of Human Interaction 

This is one of the most common myths about HRIS software. On the contrary, such systems are designed to help HR managers to connect. Large companies with many branches at different locations often find barriers to connect to one another. HRIS systems solve this problem by providing them a single platform where they can reach out to each other anytime, anywhere. 

While employees can keep themselves updated using features like ESS, HR managers can carry out their routine operations effortlessly. From hiring new employees to data management, a company gets a one-stop solution for all their challenges. All in all, HRIS not just automates daily tasks but also promotes robust communication in the workplace. 

It Requires Specific Tech Expertise 

Now, do you go to a special class to use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp? Obviously, not! All these platforms are acutely user-friendly and so is the HRIS software. 

To work with HRIS, no company will have to give a prior-training to its people. Such software is developed in a way that allows HRs and employees to use it like any regular phone application. 

Need to mention, HRIS can even be configured according to the needs of a company. The right system can even offer easy sign-ins, integration, mobile accessibility, and more. So, it is the duty of the employers to end up with the right HRIS. 

It Is Meant For Large Companies

Most SMEs do not consider HRIS due to this factor. But, the reality is that HRIS software is for one and all. Such systems are scalable human resources platform that can be used by startup companies as small as 50 employees to well-established enterprises as big as 5000 employees strong. The best part about HRIS is that it gives organizations, regardless of size and complexity, the flexibility to implement the system with just core modules and then add other modules as they grow in the future. In essence, size has nothing to do with the implementation of HRIS systems. 

It Completely Replaces HR Managers 

Often, HR managers feel threatened with the implementation of HR solutions as they think their job will be at risk; however, it is not true at all. At the end of the day, HRIS is a technological advancement that will need a human to command it. The only aim of using such systems is to streamline and optimize tedious processes for HRs, thereby helping them focus on other vital duties. For instance, HRIS automates the recruitment process but the candidates cannot be selected or welcomed without a one-to-one interaction. In short, HRIS software India exists because HR professionals exist. 

It Is Not Safe For Storing & Managing Data 

This is one of the most senseless misconceptions on this list. Truth be told, HRIS is the safest platform to store sensitive information of a company. From employee data to payroll details, cloud-based systems offer 100% security in the long run. In fact, such systems help companies to upgrade legal compliance and eliminate every possible error, thereby avoiding costly fines and lawsuits. 

The competition in the market is growing each day. In such a situation, organizations should not afford to lose time due to some petty myths linked to HRIS software. 

So, invest in one of the best HRIS in India and help your business to stay ahead of the curve.

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