5 Most Common Workplace Injuries in Australia

Workplace injuries are a typical incidence in companies of all the kinds and sizes around Australia, and lots of remaining not carrying out enough to stop them from happening to start with.

Along with both mental and physical toll, victims can suffer, workplace injuries can prove to be a massive deplete on businesses’ expenses and productivity. According to Safe Job Australia, job-related accidents price the Australian economy close to $60 billion every year, representing almost 5 percentage from the nation’s GDP.

Besides, approximately three-quarters of such costs are accrued through the staff themselves, while the larger community accounts for 20 percentage and organizations take up the remainder.

So precisely how are these workers getting hurt, and do you know the most typical kinds of injuries seen in Australian work environments these days?

Based on the latest information through the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and Safe Work Australia’s Compendium of Workers’ Compensation Statistics, we’ve listed the very best 5 most typical job-related accidents in the country.

Muscular anxiety while lifting or handling things

This injury is quite possibly the most typical office injury around Australia, with Safe Work confirming in 2015 that near forty percent of your time off is for that reason.

Muscular stress may be prevented if employees possess the proper training and direction. In the construction market, particularly, all workers will need to have a white-colored credit card verifying they fully grasp the place of work risks and know how to deal with items securely.

Mental tension

Overwork and problems like bullying trigger emotional tension, an issue that is responsible for greater than five percent of worker time off job.

To minimize the place of work tension, companies should motivate typical smashes and keep capture-ups with their employees to make sure they are not sensation weighed down or forced by the folks close to them.

Becoming hit by falling objects

While falling things result in lower than five percent of serious workplace traumas, this is the 2nd reason behind fatalities at the job.


Nobody should work on levels without the right instruction and basic safety gear. While stats are improving, close to 6 percent of people are still wounded at the job after dropping coming from a size.

Among 10 and 15 percent of people who have plenty of time off work have simply tripped over something. To minimize the potential risk of this taking place, an Office Health and Safety representative should motivate all personnel to keep tidy surroundings without any tripping hazards.

General muscular anxiety

Even seated with a work desk can lead to injuries. Workers record back soreness and problems like carpal tunnel syndrome because of ergonomically unfriendly workspaces.

Qualified inspectors can have out inspections of workstations to make recommendations to lower the risk of common muscular stress brought on by repetitive routines.

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