5 Amazing Tips for DIY Home Shifting and Relocating

Packing and relocating the entire household goods like home furniture, appliances etc is no easy task. Managing a local home shifting within the same city or neighborhood is still manageable, but when you are after a long distance move, or moving to a different state, Do it yourself move can easily become unmanageable. Thankfully there are ways to pull off do it yourself home shifting and relocating easily and if you are considering a DIY home moving, then here’s all you need to know to pull it off safely and without much hassles.

Plan your move

When it’s about moving entire household things, and you are doing it yourself, you can’t really ignore absolute detailed planning for the move. Right from fixing the dates for moving to estimating and arranging packing supplies, arranging man and van, it has to be a fool proof plan.

Sort out inventory

Once you have thought of and addressed the common concerns related to packing and moving, the next immediate step is to sort out the list of items that needs special packing, and one that need special attention. If you have fragile items, then pay special attention to such items as they require multi layer packing for additional safety.

Arrange packing materials

Now, that you have the list of inventory and roughly estimated the packing supplies you would need, the next step is to arrange for the packing materials. Usually, packing supplies can be obtained from the local market, but if you are unable to find a local store, you may like to check with the local packer and mover service  companies. They may provide packing supplies or at least connect you to right supplier to procure packing materials.

Hire man and van

The next thing at hand is to take quotations from the local moving service companies  or trucking companies so that the goods can be transported. It’s always better to schedule the man and van early on to avoid last minute price hike or confusion. When you are checking with the trucking companies, just be sure to take labour or manpower as well, because even if you have packed everything you may not be able to lift and load everything easily.

Pack and move

And now the final stage, that is to get packing and prepare for the final move day. When packing, just don’t overwork and rather pack slowly and room wise. Even if you try, you may not be able to pack everything in one day, and therefore it will be wise to pack slowly, easily.


Packing and moving, especially when you are doing it yourself can be complicated. There are so many tasks involved, and when you have no prior planning, you may end up in a mess. But, if you plan a DIY house shifting properly and execute your plan correctly, you will be able to pull it off effortlessly. Moving companies  can definitely help, but DIY house shifting is not impossible.

I have already shared a few of the DIY packing and moving tricks to help you get started. Feel free to share your favorite tips and hacks for packing and moving household by commenting below.

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