4 Tips To Pick The Best Sales Force Automation Software For Your Business

Learning the ABCs of sales force automation software is no more required with its increased penetration across the globe. Irrespective of the industry for which the SFA software is used, it works wonder for the sales team (Helps in analyzing lead time, conversion rates, and win-loss ratio), managers (Display the detailed reports on sales team performance based on leads, services, and region), and businesses (Improve customer relationships, productivity, and market share).

The layer of automation that SFA, be it pharma sales force automation software put on sales processing, user interactions tracking, sales performance, and inventory control, it enables boundless growth and high ROI, but the myriad of the SFA tools muddies the water.

Take a look at the points to keep in mind before picking up the right SFA tool for your business:

  • Find the perfect match

The SFA tools fall under two categories- Software-as-a-service SFA and on-premise SFA with features such as contact management, task management, lead & opportunity software, and online reporting software. It’s not essential that all the SFA tools offer all the features in the package. Don’t buy the tool unless you know about all the features they have that your business need.

  • Free trial

Most often, the SFA tool providers allow the businesses to sign up for a free trial or provide a demo upon request. Don’t skip this step try all the features to pilot the platform as it could help you in saving big bundles that you may otherwise end up wasting in purchasing an SFA tool that’s not up-to-the-par.

  • Consider reviews and ratings

The feedback of the existing customers speaks a ton about the quality of the features and services offered by the SFA vendor. Check the reviews and ratings posted by the existing customers, and if possible try to connect with them to know more about the post-sales services and team behavior.

  • Seamless integration

It’s all-important to check if the SFA tool is compatible with the existing business system for easy integration. Verify the SFA tool meet the integration requirements for customer database, CRM, order management, inventory and more.

When it comes to top-notch SFA software, the name of Salestrip comes second to none.

About Salestrip:

Salestrip SFA is a comprehensive effectiveness and online reporting software that aids in the automation of field sales-related activities.

For more information, please visit www.salestrip.in

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